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Do you want to grow your field service company even faster? Of course you do! Drive more targeted traffic to your website and Google My Business (GMB) listing with our Local SEO Marketing Service.

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A majority of companies NEVER experience what’s possible with online marketing. The lucky few that do receive a MASSIVE return on their investment.

Digital marketing has the potential to propel your company into the future, yet only a handful of pest control professionals are crushing it online. And the reason is simple… Marketing online is harder than ever before. Way harder.

If you decide to roll the dice and try digital marketing on your own, you have to do EVERYTHING right from start to finish in order to attract traffic, convert leads, and close sales. The truth is, crushing it online requires serious manpower and a wide variety of skills. Chances are, you’re better served focusing on your strengths. 

And if you decide to work with an agency or freelancer, it’s possible you’ll be locked into a costly pricing plan, receive carelessly cobbled together campaigns, have a hard time understanding where your precious dollars are going, or worse…all of the above.

As it stands, your company is in a fight for survival against competitors appearing ahead of you and more often than you in Google’s search results.

The internet completely changed the way customers find local service businesses. Before, prospects would flip through Yellow Pages—but now, it’s all about ranking on Google. 

Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is where MANY prospects begin their search and eventually choose a pest control company to do business with.

Would you like that company to be yours?


We’ve spent the last 18 months identifying the exact activities that will allow you to dominate Google’s search engine results page (SERP)

Today, the top three to five sites in the map pack and organic search sections are siphoning away nearly 100% of the customers you depend on to provide for your family and employees.

And we can’t allow that to happen.

Not if we want to uphold our promise of helping pest control professionals just like you transform their struggling small businesses into flourishing entreprises.

So we created this Local SEO Marketing Service. It’s the perfect compliment to our website builder.

If you’re serious about dominating the search engine results page, taking traffic from your competitors, future-proofing your website, and experiencing long-term growth… this marketing service is a MUST-HAVE.


Unlock the power of GMB with an optimized listing

The map pack is the first thing potential customers see when searching for terms like: “pest control near me.” So the first thing we’ll do is make sure your Google My Business (GMB) listing is set up correctly on the back-end according to Google’s best practices. 

By optimizing your account and eliminating common mistakes, we’ll help your listing stand out from the crowd. This not only improves your ranking but also compels people to choose your pest control company over the competition. 


✓ Regularly optimize your account.
✓ Connect with your customers.
✓ Captive your audience with posts.
✓ Increase your rating and reviews.
✓ Feature your products and services.
✓ Fight the good fight against spam.

Get your GMB listing noticed


Ensure your website speaks Google’s language

Schema is code that’s added to your website that speaks directly to Google (and other search engines), ensuring your website and GMB listing are seen. Any marketing agency can handle basic on-page SEO for you (title, meta description, etc.), but very few take it a step further and add powerful Schema markup to each page.

We’re the very best at Schema markup, meaning you’ll always be in good standing with Google—which translates to maximum visibility, more traffic, and exponential growth. 


✓ Local Business schema markup
✓ Website schema markup
✓ GeoCoordinates schema markup
✓ Opening Hours schema markup
✓ Areas Served schema markup

Take your website to another level


Improve your online reputation with Google

Experts agree citations have a MASSIVE impact on search rankings. In fact, they’re considered table stakes, meaning you need at least 80 citations (on average) to rank in the map pack. The problem is, manually building citations is a time-consuming process. 

Years of experience have taught us the tricks of the trade. We follow a careful process to ensure your business is listed on all the top sites. Google rewards you based on how many accurate & consistent citations you have. And we’re the best at building citations for pest control companies.


✓ Create / claim 95+ citations.
✓ Fully optimize all your listings.
✓ Ensure your citations are accurate.
✓ Fix duplicate listings.

List your business on the top directories


Get more reviews, more often, automatically

Reviews are important for pest control companies because customers trust them. Studies show that 92% of consumers read online reviews before deciding to do business with a company. Best of all, the higher the number of five-star reviews you have, the higher you’ll rank on Google. 

The difficulty many companies face is getting customers to take time out of their busy day to leave a positive review, but we make it easy with automation. We’ll integrate a shortcode in your customer communications, so your customers are encouraged to leave a review after you complete a job.


✓ Automate review requests.
✓ Engage with customers.
✓ Strengthen your relationships.

Boost your online reviews


Get noticed on Google’s radar & rise to the top

Want to know a secret? Google loves GMB listings that are often updated with photos, statuses, and posts. Most marketing agencies optimize your profile just once because they don’t know an active GMB listing is what puts you ahead of the competition—but not us.

We keep your potential prospects engaged and connected with fresh content added to your Google My Business listing.


✓ Regularly optimize your account.
✓ Publish posts to improve your ranking.
✓ Send social signals to your GMB listing.

Stay ahead of the curve

Start winning online

Become the most sought-after company in your area!

4 reasons to choose GorillaDesk

We know we aren’t the only show in town, but we are among the highest-ranked and most dependable, plus our pricing beats most competitors hands down. Best of all, we live by the following values…


See what our customers have to say

The pest control companies we work with inspire us every day. Discover how they built a business they love leading and life they love living.

“This is exactly what we’re looking for. A mobile-friendly, intuitive, fast-loading, lead-driven website. Cause that is the purpose of a website. It’s not to make people feel good or anything else. It’s to drive leads and that’s exactly what it has done. I mean we get consistent comments from customers about how the website is the best they’ve seen.”

Jake Middleon

Upstate Pest & Wildlife Control

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Frequently asked questions

A specific type of field service software – Pest control software is designed for use by pest control professionals and companies of all sizes. A pest control software mainly helps with automating manual tasks such as job scheduling, routing, invoicing, and streamlining business processes for faster growth. 

There are so many pest control software solutions available in the market. However, not every software is the same. The main difference lies in available features and how those features are configured to work.

Below is the list of the most common features you should look for while evaluating pest control software for your business.

  1. Job Scheduling 
  2. Route optimization
  3. Billing & invoicing 
  4. Reportings – Sales forecasting & more
  5. Material tracking
  6. Email & SMS
  7. Job appointment confirmation
  8. Appointment reminders
  9. GPS Tracking
  10. Mobile app

Most of the available software solutions offer all the common/basic features. However, advanced features are the ones where the best ones zoom past the average ones. Below is the list of advanced features you should look for in pest control software.

  1. Customer Portal
  2. Review Engine to collect customer reviews
  3. Subscription billing to automate payments
  4. Commission tracking
  5. Device tracking 
  6. Documents
  7. E-signature

And so much more.

Here are a few most common benefits of using Pest Control Software:

  1. A good pest control software like GorillaDesk helps save an average of 13.3 hours/week.
  2. Allows you to work on the business and not in the business.
  3. Makes every interaction with customers fantastic

Pest control software can help you grow your pest control business in multiple ways. To start with, pest control software helps

  1. Streamline scheduling and dispatching,
  2. Optimize routes
  3. Capture data from the field (video or photo), 
  4. Automate billing & invoicing 
  5. Manage information on various pest types, 
  6. Offer training material in a click, 
  7. Keep the team and customers in constant communication for transparency,
  8. Track inventory, and more. 

But that’s not just it. Pest control software goes way beyond these. Along with automating your processes, managing your customer information, streamlining your business, and saving you hours every month; pest control software can also help you:

  1. Improve your business rankings on Google
  2. Convert more leads.

All these by helping you automate and generate more customer reviews. Customer reviews are the 2nd most important factor for rankings in Google Maps.

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